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“Supplied with dual US  fin boxes resulting in a beautifully balanced board under sail and as a paddle board, it is stiff and stable and makes for and ideal adventure craft with lots of deck storage space. Users can carry both the rig at the rear and additional items on the forward area.

The WindSUP® Santa Anna has been designed to be as practical as possible as both SUP and WindSUP®, so much so, that we have ensured the rig pack fits as deck cargo so as the end user can paddle off in one direction and return under sail power, or vice-versa as part of a mixed adventure and end-use. We’ve ensured a nice sleek looking nose and have based the shape upon our Lombok 11’5 design. The wide tail gives the board ample volume and under sail, when it lifts and begins to plane, the tail volume prevents the tail from dropping and the water line length shortening so as there is a nice transition of speed and movement of the hull underneath. We found that rounded pintail shapes, tend to sink under speed, making the board very ‘wet’ and drag was increased. Board is supplied with mast base plate with new ‘clip and go’ system.

+ Leash plug
+ Nose D-ring (underside)
+ Tail D-Ring
+ Rear grab handle
+ Dual US fin boxes
+ Centre carry handle
+ Nose and tail cargo nets
+ Mast base supplied
+ Fusion Layer Technology (FLT)

WindSUP® Specifications 
12'6 Metric 348cm x 76.2cm x 15.24cm x 12.7kgs Imperial 12'6 x 30” x 6” x 9.69KG

12'6 Optimum body mass <110kg - Maximum body mass <120kg
12'6 Optimum body mass <242lbs - Maximum body mass <264lbs

12'6 Volume 351L


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