If you are looking to get on the water without purchasing your own board, you can hire boards directly from us. We have a range of both hardboards and inflatables. Feel free to come to the shop, grab a board and go or reserve a board:
Contact: sup@mistral-hayling.co.uk
Phone: 02392463044
List of boards for Rental:
Mistral Levu 12'
Mistral Fiji 10'9
Mistral Adventure Heritage 10'5
Mistral Adventure Heritage 11'5
Mistral Lombok 11'5
Mistral Sumatra 10'6
Mistral Java 9'6
Specialist Boards
Mistral Adventurist 14'
Mistral Slipstream 12'6
Mistral Vortex 14'
Mistral Bermuda 9'9